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Bestselling Spiritual Author

Eric Pepin

Eric Pepin started on his path to becoming a teacher, author and entrepreneur from a young age. Growing up in New England, he spent time exploring nature, contemplating the universe and investigating the inner workings of the paranormal activity. He started sharing his insights with friends by the time he started high school, helping them to achieve paranormal and psychic experiences for themselves.

A renowned psychic himself, Eric became a passionate teacher with a track record of helping students achieve experiences for themselves. As a way to share his knowledge with even more students, he founded the Higher Balance Institute in 2003. Higher Balance quickly expanded, reaching individuals around the globe.

A short time later, Eric Pepin published his first book, The Handbook of the Navigator, which became an Amazon best-seller. Over the next 10 years, he toured the United States and countries around to the world, speaking at events and retreats.

Eric Pepin’s Courses and Books

His classes cover nearly every aspect of spirituality – from healing to psychic training to the code of the universe – and were recorded and released as audio and video courses. He has developed and released move than 100 classes for both beginning and advanced students of spirituality. In addition, Eric Pepin went on to publish six more best-selling books in the field of spirituality, metaphysics and paranormal, including Guild of Psi and Waking the Immortal Within. But for Eric, success is not about how many classes and books he has released. He bases his success on the experiences his students are able to attain. He has a strong record of helping individuals achieve experiences in as quickly as an hour, whether they are new to spirituality or have been studying other schools of thought for 40 years.

Igniting the Sixth Sense - By Eric Pepin

Igniting the Sixth Sense

The lost human sensory that holds the key to spiritual awakening and unlocking the power of the universe.

Handbook of the Navigator - By Eric Pepin

Handbook of The Navigator

What is God, the psychic connection to spiritual awakening and conscious universe.

Guild of PSI - By Eric Pepin

Guild of PSI

The Link Between Paranormal and Spiritual Realities. It merges the mystical with the modern, and the spiritual with the psychic.

Prescient Visions - By Eric Pepin

Prescient Visions

Having or showing knowledge of events before they take place.

Waking the Immortal Within - By Eric Pepin

Waking the Immortal Within

Develop your spiritual presence, awaken the inner master and explore hidden realities

Meditation Within Eternity - By Eric Pepin

Meditation Within Eternity

The modern mystic’s guide to gaining unlimited spiritual energy, accessing higher consciousness and meditation techniques for spiritual growth.

Higher Balance Institute Collegiate Program

Eric Pepin’s Coaching Program

Dedicated to the success of his students, Pepin continues to grow and evolve Higher Balance and recently launched the Higher Balance Collegiate Program. This new program has been designed to help students progress and achieve spiritual experiences while meeting the demands of the modern world.

Eric used the experience he gained creating and growing Higher Balance into a global institution to help others. He knows that his students not only seek to uncover the finer aspects of spirituality, but also need the skills to succeed in business and careers.

Based in Santa Rosa, California, Eric Pepin continues to coach students, teach at events and develop new training and technology advance consciousness.